“When kids were outside, I was in front of television” – Ranveer Singh on how 90s shows shaped him entirely

By | June 9, 2020

Ranveer Singh is the youngest superstar of the country having established his mark in Bollywood with back to back blockbusters in the last few years. Ranveer has always acknowledged that he is a huge fan of Govinda and is inspired by everything from the 90s. Now, he revealed how this era shaped his taste, preferences, fashion, and even love for music because he was glued to the television while his friends and boys from the community were spending time outdoors!

"When kids were outside, I was in front of television" - Ranveer Singh on 90s shows shaped him entirely

Ranveer says, “I am a 90’s kid. Born in 1985, the 90s era is what defines me. Following everything from movies, music, pop culture, fashion and those are my formative years. Whatever you subscribe to, stays with you forever. I remember watching Zabaan Sambhalke, Dekh Bhai Dekh! Basically, I am TV ka bachcha, a product of television, a tv kid. When kids were outside, I was in front of the idiot box!”

The superstar adds, “When I was not watching movies on VCR, I was watching Doordarshan. I remember waiting for Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Chhaya Geet. It was like an event for me. I used to work backward from the telecast time. That’s the decade for me. I used to watch TV all the time, non-stop which included WWF! Even when mom was watching Santa Barbara and The Bold and the Beautiful, I was totally hooked.”

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