Twitter trolls Sidharth Shukla after he walks away with the Bigg Boss 13 winner’s trophy

By | February 16, 2020

For months, we’ve been waiting to see which contestant of Bigg Boss 13 finally picks up the winner’s trophy. Last night, Sidharth Shukla emerged as the winner and we had fans rejoicing all over the internet. A TV actor in profession, Sidharth has had quite an eventful journey within the house. While he enjoys a strong fan base which was rooting for him since the beginning, he was also criticised for his conducts, anger, aggression and behaviour with fellow housemates.

Twitter trolls Sidharth Shukla after he walks away with the Bigg Boss 13 winner's trophy

And while plenty are celebrating his win, many are also slamming the channel and calling it a plotted win for Sidharth. While some raise concern about how he wasn’t the best behaving guy in the house, some also point fingers at his rumoured affair with Colors’ creative head Manisha Sharma.

“Who won? The one who did physical violence. Who misbehaved with girls. Who abused someone’s parents for no reason. Who disrespected everyone including his friends,” a user’s tweet read.

“Next season se BiggBoss band, Good bye Biased BiggBoss..,” wrote another user, visibly irked by Sidharth’s win.

“Ab koi nahi dekhega tumhara koi bhi show…. You will beg,, kash biased decision na lete,” another tweet read.

“Well done #ManishaSharma,” a user wrote, and we know what she was indicating at.

A couple of them also called for a boycott on the channel’s subscription.

Wonder what Sidharth has to say about all this!