Rishi Kapoor’s failing health is cause for concern for his Family

By | February 11, 2020

While Rishi Kapoor continues to deny a health relapse, sources close to the family confirm that the dreaded disease for which he was treated in New York last year, has indeed returned.

Rishi Kapoor's failing health is cause for concern for his Family

Rishi suddenly was ill in Delhi last week. He was  soon discharged and he gave defiant press statements stating it was just an infection caused by  Delhi’s infamous pollution. But now, he’s back in  hospital, this time in Mumbai. And the diagnosis is not encouraging.

Sources close to the Kapoor family say Rishi is in denial. “He’s just being stubborn. This is adding to the family’s growing anxiety. Before a treatment procedural is decided on, he must accept that he’s unwell. Unfortunately, like the first time when the disease struck, he is not willing to accept the truth.”

This sudden unfortunate turn of circumstances has put a question mark on Rishi’s son Ranbir’s marriage to Alia Bhatt. The family was getting ready for the wedding this year. But now with this sudden  setback, the entire family’s concentration will be on Rishi Kapoor’s health.

We wish him a complete recovery .

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