EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Shroff reveals he can’t order food online, shares his diet

By | March 30, 2020

We are ever-curious to find out what our favouite Bollywood celebrities eat. And why not? Look at those enviable figures and physiques after all! Tiger Shroff is undoubtedly one of the fittest actors of the industry, and no prizes for guessing that he is very particular about what goes in his body. When Bollywood Hungama sat for a conversation with him, we also quizzed him about his diet. Here it goes!

EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Shroff reveals he can't order food online, shares his diet
What do you have in breakfast, lunch, dinner?

I do something called inter-mitten fasting. I have my lunch around 1.30-2, just a protein and a curb source, very simple stem, boiled sort of food. For dinner, I would have protein source and fibers, vegetables.

How many hours do you sleep daily?

I sleep around 7-8, or 7-.5 hours.


Do you have short meals?

I have a few meals throughout the day. I don’t just have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you have fruits every day?

I don’t have fruits every day.

Do you prefer seafood? What’s your favourite seafood?

I prefer white meat.

What’s your favourite vegetable?

My favourite vegetables are broccoli and Asparagus.

Do you prefer your vegetables cooked or you prefer them in the salad form?

Depending on what the vegetable is.

What about ghee?

I have ghee as well in my diet, ya. Especially when I lose weight, I have a lot of ghee.

Are you a tea or coffee person?

I am a black coffee person.

How many cups of tea or coffee do you have in a day?

Just one for my workouts.

What about roti? Genhu roti, Bajra, Nachni, Jawar?

If I have roti, I have Bajre ki roti, Nachni ke roti.

What do you have on your cheat days?

On my cheat days, what don’t I have!

What about desserts? What sorts of desserts do you like?

I love ice-cream. I have a major sweet tooth. So, anything chocolaty.


Which is your favourite dish?

I like Japansese food a lot. So, Sushi.

Do you eat fast food like pizza, burger?

I do. On my cheat day, I have a lot of pizza.

Do you order food online? How often do you order?

I don’t know how to. But if I ask my mom or manager to do it, then ya.

What about your diet when you are shooting?

I am pretty strict on myself when it comes to my work. So during shooting, I am very disciplined with my diet.

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