BTS’ concept photos for Map Of The Soul: 7 has callbacks to Blood Sweat & Tears, Lie, Run, Fake Love

By | February 10, 2020

BTS is coming back with their highly awaited album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ which is their fourth LP. The South Korean septet has been teasing the fans about their upcoming album during their pre-promotion in the United States. The group unveiled the first set of concept photos at midnight on February 10, 2020, stating the new era has begun.

BTS drops ethereal concept photos ahead of Map Of The Soul: 7 release

Seven years in the Korean industry through thick and thin, the seven members have grown as musicians and evolved into musical sensations who are known worldwide. Coming back to their upcoming album, the new concept photos have a lot of callbacks. Since this is their seventh year as a group, this album seems to be an emotional look back at their journey as artists who came together, joined a smaller company, powered through hardships they faced during the seven years, the repercussions that came with fame and made sure they never stop making music that they love.

The concept photos have lots of callbacks especially the feathers that remind us of the previous music videos from the ‘Wings’ era ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ and, ‘Lie’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2’ era ‘Run’. The abandoned house looks very similar to the one in ‘Fake Love’ music video. Amid this, a lot of Carl Jung’s theories come into the picture.

Take a look at what BTS Army has deciphered from the first version of concept pictures:

BTS will make their much-awaited comeback on February 21, 2020, with ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’.

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