Anup Jalota makes acting debut at 66 in Paatal Lok

By | May 21, 2020

Anup Jalota has just made his acting debut as a fundamentalist politician in the Netflix series Paatal Lok. And if you think it’s just a one-off whim, then you are wrong.

Anup Jalota makes acting debut at 66 in Paatal Lok

The Bhajan Samrat says he is open to more acting offers. “Yes, why not? If I get more interesting roles, I would certainly like to take them up. I enjoyed acting for this series. When it was offered to me it was not called Paatal Lok. It was called Jamuna Paar and I was asked to play a politician. The offer came from Anushka Sharma’s office. They informed me that I’d have to shoot for eight days in Chitrakoot and then a couple of days in Mumbai. They said I had the correct look for it. I agreed without a second thought.”

Anup Jalota admits he enjoyed the new experience. “It’s never too late to take up a new challenge. And this was an easy one. Playing the Dalit political leader was not difficult at all. After all I had been on Bigg Boss which is the toughest role to perform for any actor.”

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