Alia Bhatt – Ranbir Kapoor’s break up rumours are false

By | March 21, 2020

The virtual world — not to be confused with the real world — is abuzz with talk of The Great Big Split of 2020. It all started when earlier this month on Alia Bhatt’s birthday, the love of her life (we don’t mean her feline hearthrob) was nowhere to be seen. Why  was Ranbir Kapoor not seen with Alia on her  birthday? The netizens were deeply concerned at what this absence could mean.

Alia Bhatt - Ranbir Kapoor's break up rumours are false

Then there are reports on how Ranbir Kapoor has been ‘cold’ to Alia in public of late. Upon checking with one of Alia and Ranbir’s closest friends on how far these right rumours are right, he said, “Who said they didn’t meet on her birthday? Right now, Ranbir has his father’s health issues to deal with. He is  taking this time out from work (due to the coronavirus scare) to be with his parents as much as possible. And Alia is all for Ranbir’s family-time plans.”

As for being “cold” to Alia, the friend says, “Ranbir is known to be moody. People close to him have learnt to deal with his moods. There are days when he  doesn’t speak to anybody.”

We also cecked with Alia Bhatt about the rift rumours and her response was, “What rubbish, haha.”

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