Actor Kiran Kumar tests negative for Covid-19, opens up on how he dealt with the disease

By | May 28, 2020

Actor Kiran Kumar, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 about a week back, has now tested negative after undergoing his third test on Wednesday. Speaking to a leading daily, he opened up on how he dealt with the disease while living in the same house with his family.

He revealed that he kept himself aloof on a separate floor of the house while his family stayed at another floor. He asked his wife to buy disposable plates for him and his food would be prepared and kept on the staircase. He would collect it himself and dispose the plates afterward. He also cleaned his own room and made his own bed, to make sure no other family member came in touch with him by any means.

The actor said he spent his time reading books and watching films and his favourite shows while his family took care of every need of him. He also applauded his house staff for lending support instead of running away when he tested positive for Covid-19.