Aayush Sharma says that his son Ahil asks ‘Who is Corona and why can’t he see him?’

By | April 22, 2020

Actor Aayush Sharma is spending his lockdown time in Panvel at brother-in-law Salman Khan’s farmhouse. The actor is utlising this time to spend more time with wife Aprita and kids Ahil and Ayat.

Aayush Sharma says that his son Ahil asks ‘Who is Corona and why can't he see him?’

While talking to a daily, Aayush Sharma revealed that currently, his fatherly duties include answering his son Ahil’s innocent questions. He said that Ahil is bored with the lockdown and wants to get back to regular life. Aayush said that Ahil asks a lot of questions including, ‘When he will meet his friends or when will we all go out on a holiday’. Responding to his questions Aayush would tell him that all of it will happen when the coronavirus outbreak ends. In return, the little once asks ‘who is this corona and why he can’t see him’.

Talking about their daughter Ayat, Aayush said that she is sleeping during the day and is awake at night and this keeps him and Arpita awake as well. The actor said that he and Arpita are engaged 24 hours taking care of the kids.

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